"Badbugs possesses the most definitive and comprehensive information on BH treatment in the world" wrote David, from the US, who is now symptom free after taking the triple therapy. He recovered his health despite assurances by GI specialists that Blasto. was not making him ill. (August 2007).

"Thanks for the excellent email and links. Dr H. (USA)"

"I have found your website the most helpful and precise of any existing literature. Dr E. (USA) "

"I must thank you as you are what ultimately led me to discover, that I have bowel cancer!!! (Australia 2004)"

"I just wanted to say thank-you for an amazing site. I find it incredible that you had to go through so much to get medical specialists to read the research that was being thrust under their noses, and I am deeply disappointed that they could be so closed-minded. I've been reading your site for the past few hours and am now wondering if my symptoms could be parasitic despite negative initial (unfixed) stool tests. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou."

"My most sincere thanks to you and to the valuable information you publish on your site. You are an angel !!! T. Spain."

"Thanks for the info Jackie. You and your website have been a beacon of light in a dark storm. Blasto. sufferer. USA. Nov '07."

"I am so sorry for the suffering you have endured. I cannot imagine having the strength to have retained my sanity through anything so horrendous. Please know that what you have been through has given and will give many, many people a chance at health that they might otherwise never have had. I am one of them. I will always be in your debt."

"I really can't thank you enough....you are a Godsend. Without you, I would still be struggling to find an answer as to why my symptoms came on out of nowhere. Like you, I was also told I probably had IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, Anxiety, Depression....and the list goes on and on, and none of those reasons made any sense to me. You have truly helped so many people....".

"I am so sorry for the suffering you have endured. I cannot imagine having the strength to have retained my sanity through anything so horrendous. Please know that what you have been through has given and will give many, many people a chance at health that they might otherwise never have had. I am one of them. $26 was not enough - I will always be in your debt."

"Thank you for your prompt attention and wonderful commitment. I will let you know how I go. THANK YOU for making me so aware of something the Dr's try to put in the way toooo hard bin of IBS - yeah right! Have a great day and weekend Many, Many Blessing to you. (Australia. March 2007)"

"Thank you for maintaining badbugs.org. It's an excellent resource. Most on-line parasite information either follows mainstream medical wisdom (and is extremely narrow in scope), or is authored by the lunatic fringe. ;-). Your website successfully avoids both extremes, and cites an impressive mix of personal anecdotes and published research. Aug. 2006 "

"Thanks a million for your excellent website and the compassion and great support that you give to soooooo many people. I know you are a life saver for hundreds if not thousands of people."

"Gosh, thank you! That was the most interesting writing I read in yonks! Really thank you, an extraordinary reply, thank you for your time, energy, and concern across oceans. At least someone who's clued in, in the southern hemisphere. Had almost given up hope! "

"About a thousand reasons for me to be thankful for your site. Americans say God bless, I'll just say Thank You ever so much. You do a terrific job."

"Sometimes you run across people in your life who really make a difference with their experience and support and kindness. Thankyou for being one of those people."

"If it hadn’t been for your site my suffering from Blasto. would have lasted longer than the 10 yrs I suffered from this horrible bug"

"Thanks for all your help, the website is fantastic. It has really changed our direction of health recovery."

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"I am amazed at your resiliency – you’ve been through one devil of an ordeal and I can’t tell you how impressed I am at what you have accomplished in educating and helping folks."

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"Keep up the good advice for those who have suffered, as you know only too well."

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"Let me start by extending a large thank you and congratulations on the site you have created. It has undoubtedly provided a great service to many who have suffer from infections with these parasites."

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"Many thanks Jackie for your thoughtful and informative reply."

"I was so relieved when I found your website."



I felt so alone and isolated it was such a relief to make contact with you and your wisdom. I think I may have considered taking my life if it had gone on much longer. The fact that I have my life back is in large part to you and the information you have supplied, the inspiration of your story and your encouragement. So all I can say is THANK YOU! (S., UK. 2005).

Email: badbugs@idx.com.au

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Dear Jackie, I want to thank you for the incredibly valuable service that you provide to the public. I am a physician in Seattle, Washington. I see hundreds of patients with digestive problems, some of them caused by the parasites you've highlighted on your website.
As you know, the healthcare industry generally believes these parasites to be non-pathogenic, meaning that they are normal and do not cause digestive problems or other health problems. As you also know, this goes on in spite of the many research articles that demonstrate that these parasites can and do cause significant health problems.
I routinely test my patients for these parasites and treat them whenever found. And my patients invariably experience dramatic improvement in their health. Therefore I can attest to the reality of the health problems that these parasites can cause and I have seen first hand how they can dramatically interfere with someone's life.
Thanks again for all of your hard work. I'm sure that you have helped hundreds of people get the help that they need.
Dr. S. (May 2007)


Through the 4 months I had Blasto. you were my life line. I couldn't get anyone here to believe me or understand about Blastocyctis. Thank you Jackie for all you are doing to help the suffers of these parasites. It means we are no longer alone, living with a life changing illness that curtails daily activities. I wish you all the best. (USA, June 2007)


Thanks for the site, good to see someone pushing the awareness and correct diagnosis of parasitic related disorders. (Australia, 2006)


Your webpage seems to be the most thorough examiniation of treatment for Blasto; I really appreciate it as most doctors seem to be totally ignorant or insensitive regarding this issue. (Canada. 2006)


I can't help reflecting on the fact that you are much more knowledgeable than 95% of the doctors I've come across over the past six years about the diagnosis and treatment of parasites. (USA, 2005)


Jackie, I am so glad to have stumbled across your web site. It has given me the strength to push on and to a point, be assertive with doctors to get them to "take action". Without reading your case histories, I doubt that I would have felt so determined about this. (July 2005, USA)


You are a wealth of information. Thank you so much for taking the time to "input" into our situation. It has been VERY frustrating for years, trying to understand what is causing my son's symptoms. Finally, I feel like I have found someone who understands and who is very knowledgeable. From the mother of a sick child who was advised by an infectious diseases expert that her child is not sick because of D.fragilis and B.hominis. (June 2005)


Thanks so much for your response. While your web site clearly demonstrated a depth of understanding, I wanted to be sure you weren't selling a high-priced "cure all" before I made a donation (which I will make after writing this email). It is also clear from your email that you provide serious medical information based on experience, knowledge and research, and I salute you for doing so. It is a real comfort to have someone with your depth of knowledge and experience available. received 9 April 2005


Can I just say thanks again, I think what you do is absolutly brilliant. You are a godsend. B.hominis sufferer. August 2005


I am very grateful for your website, though it is depressing to read of how hard this bug is to treat. At least through reading your stories I have enough conviction to stand my ground and insist that this bug is a real health issue." NZ woman with B.hominis. October 2005


I want to thank you for you e-mail and the work you must put in maintaining your web site. Without your site me and my doc. would be lost. C. Canada. October 2005


I am extremely grateful for the opportunity your web sight gave me to avoid hurting myself through ineffective treatments and to be treated so effectively. Thank you very much for your service and for providing me with this valuable information.R. Australia 2007


Thank you for all the information you have posted on your website. Your story is a harrowing one and you are saving others from living the same experience as you. I was relived to know that there is help out there and will be taking (the D.fragilis) information to my next GIs appointment.


Thank you so very much for your follow-up e-mail. I now have information to take to my doctor to finally face this problem head-on and to eventually get rid of this parasite.


Keep up the good work in helping others with this awful bug -- you have been a big help -- especially during all the frustration one has dealing with this parasite and with the doctors not really knowing how to treat it.


Thanks to you, I have hope that I can look forward to living a normal life again.


You do such a wonderful service to others!!! Your kindness is much appreciated.


Jackie thanks very much for thinking about people around the world with these bugs, you are better help than many of those doctors out there. I even feel you are a friend. Take care and continue with your great job. I will let you know later on how things go.


Keep up the good work in helping others with this awful bug -- you have been a big help -- especially during all the frustration one has dealing with this parasite and with the doctors not really knowing how to treat it.


Your site has given me such hope; your dogged tenacity in finding answers when met with brick walls is extraordinary.


You're quite something and needless to say, STILL the #1 expert on d.f. and blasto...!!


Am so sorry you had to experience this fight on your own I admire youre inner strength, persistence and determination to get well and overcome this. Me and others like me are incredibly fortunate to hear your story and to be heard and advised regarding the appropriate treatment and specialists.(Feb. 2006)


I am an avid American reader of your website. You are the one bit of positive information in a very depressing situation (2000)


Thanks so much for all the info. and words of encouragement.


I have read through your website and I think it is a most wonderful resource. I have been unable to find such detailed info. on these parasites anywhere else, including my doctor.


You’re story is awesome. Thanks for sharing it with people on the internet.


We have come across your site and applaud the good you have done to help so many people identify and treat their conditions. Well done!


I am so grateful for your website and help. It is so terrible being sick with no one to help you out there. Thanks for your courage and proactivity in this area.


Thanks for your time, you must be helping alot of people! You should be rewarded with good health to keep up your good work.


Thanks much and for ALL your obvious hard work and effort to help others like me thru the great info on your site.


I am writing to thank you for being the real helper in me getting through some tough times. Your website was a life saver with the real life stories being the highlight. Doctors were no help at all - they are some of the most empathy lacking people I have ever met.


Thank you so much for your site and willingness to help others.


Thanks again for all of your help, you website is fantastic, I can't believe you can got to a doctor with these symptoms and be told you have hemoriods and stress and it will fix itself!!!!


You have certainly put a more positive light on my festive season with your help and advice. THANKYOU!


I appreciate the work that you are doing, it is very important.


First let me say thank you very very much for your site and information. I have found it invaluable!


THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!! You gave me hope Words are not enough to express my gratitude. God bless you!


Thanks so much for your information, website and the great service you provide to the many folks out there suffering from parasites and uninformed physicians.


Thank god for your site Jackie. People just don't understand how sick we can feel all the time. It has given me a piece of mind knowing that I will get better soon.


Firstly I would like to congratulate you on running a website helping people who have lost all hope of a cure. You are one of the most selfless persons around. I found your website through Google search engine and was amazed at the profound research you have done.