"I just want to encourage all fellow suffers out there that this is a light at the end of the tunnel. It can be a rough road to recovery, but with the right meds, sensible recovery plan, patience and time it can be done!". " (2012)

Blasto. and D.fragilis Cures

Many of the people below recovered from Blasto. and D.fragilis after being medically advised that these parasites are unimportant and do not need special treatment.

Some people have to go to great lengths to recover from their infection - including buying their meds on line or travelling to Mexico in order to buy them without a script. That individuals are prepared to go to such lengths not only shows the impact these infections are having on patient's lives but it's also an indictment of the way medicine is practised in regard to these common bowel bugs.

E-mail to patient suffering typical B.hominis symptoms inclouding nausea, lack of appetite, headaches, fatigue, disturbed sleep and dizziness:

"I am not as convinced re: the clinical significance of the B. hominis finding in your stool and canít substantiate any claim re: how long this has been present. I would stick with Flagyl. Nitazoxanide is not readily available in Canada - special access from Health Canada required, and B. hominis would not qualify. Please try not to read too deeply into this Emily - it is quite confusing and general consensus in medical circles would be that in non-immunocompromised individuals this is not likely to cause illness.". (Canada. 2015)

In 2009, V, from Oregon, took matters into her own hands when her doctor denied her the triple therapy:

"The B.hominis persists in my stool despite taking Flagyl then a combo of Nitaz and Ciproflaxin, and my bowel problems are not back to normal after many months of trying. I live part time in Mexico and doctors here understand protozoal and amoebal parasites. I did not pick up B.hominis in Mexico though but in Oregon last fall."

A few months after V received details of the triple therapy this email arrived:


You will probably have been wondering why you have not heard. Well, when we got to Oregon we had some trouble finding a primary GP in order to get a lab test done. Once we did, the blastocistus showed up again and I continued to have the problem including weight loss.
We tried to get him to assist in the treatment you sent me, but even with the information I had given him from your site he shrugged off the problem as being not pathogenic, prescribed some other products that after weeks did no good and ordered another lab test, with the same results except that the count was somwhat lower, but my problem persisted.

After he refused to assist on your treatment recommendation I went with it on my own.

This time I went to another doctor for a new test to make sure that the bug had gone and guess what the test came back this morning totally clean!! So I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am past this long bout of problems with this bug.

Thank you very much for letting me know about the three way combination. I am sure that without it I would not have gotten over this and I am just hoping that, even though I cut it short, the last bug count was low enough that it did not matter!

V's follow-up email four weeks later:

"Jackie, We returned (to the USA) from Europe yesterday. I am doing fine, regaining weight and very grateful to you for your recommendation.
Best regards V."


S. a lawyer from Sydney, saw 30 doctors in her efforts to recover from a chronic Blasto. infection.:

"In November 2003, my husband and I went on our honeymoon to Africa.  By the end of the trip, I  thought I'd picked up a bug which I assumed would pass.  Once I returned home, the symptoms waxed and waned - nausea, chills, fogginess, hives and just feeling "strange".  For the next 3 years, I had repeated bouts of urinary tract infections (tests for which failed to show bacteria), my menstrual cycle ceased and I had constant abdominal pain (particularly down the left side), nausea and joint pain.  I couldn't sleep on my left side due to the burning and I cried at some point almost every day.  I had a low white cell and iron counts. 
I can list 30 practitioners I saw for my blasto symptoms including gastroenterologists, infectious disease specialists, GPs, naturopaths, NLP, African doctors, chiropractors, a physical therapist, an endocrinologist, a haematologist, a microbiologist, a urologist and a gynocologist.  Investigations I had included numerous blood tests, ultrasounds, CT, cystoscopy, laparoscopy, colonoscopy and gastroscopy.  I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and grade 3 ulcerative oesophagitis.  I was put on antacids for a year for the oesophagitis and commenced a radical macrobiotic alkalising diet and yoga therapy.  Friends started calling me "the healthiest sick person" they knew and others just told me not to focus on it so much (eg my lack of period) and all would resolve! 

Mostly, however, I was told that there was nothing clinically wrong with me and that my symptoms were stress-related as I was a lawyer.  I left my job and travelled for 7 months but my symptoms only worsened.  On returning to my gynacologist, the only suggestion he could give was to try IVF if I wanted to have children.  I said to him I was in too much pain and I wanted him to find out why.

In early 2005, a naturopath had me do a stool test through ARL which identified Blastocystis Hominis.  Neither she nor I realised that it might be the cause of all my symptoms (as lab report stated something like, "unknown whether this causes disease in humans").  In June 2005, I advised my gastroenterologist about the finding of blasto.  He had always thought I had picked up something in Africa but said there are so many bugs there that we just don't know about that I may never know what was making me unwell.  His remark to the finding of blasto was that it was "interesting".  He never suggested that this could be the cause of my symptoms or should be treated other than to take antacids for the oesophagitis.

In November 2006, I went to yet another GP.  She ordered a stool test which once again picked up blasto.  She didn't know about blasto but thought it should be treated to see if it made me feel any better.  She wrote me a script for flagyl.  I went home and researched blasto and that's where I found Jackie's website.  I didn't take the flagyl. I found Jackie's website and booked into see a doctor recommened by Jackie who specialise in treating this parasite. Because of the waiting list I saw some other doctors who essentially told me "blasto is harmless - don't worry about blasto".  Another highly regarded infectious disease specialist said to me she was prepared to keep an open mind but to her knowledge blasto does not cause my symptoms.

A few weeks after taking the triple treatment I felt 100% completely normal and later my period returned. Six months later, in July 2008, my husband and I decided we were well and long enough had past since taking the toxic drugs and we could at last try for a baby.  I fell pregnant immediately and now have a perfect 4 month old son.  I will be forever grateful to Jackie for the help she gave me.  In writing this testimonial, I still can't believe how bad I felt every day for so long and how wonderful it feels to feel normal.  I can't imagine what direction my life would have taken had I not come across Jackie's website and received the support she gave me to get well.  What is certain is that my beautiful boy would not exist - I look at him and still can't believe it - I am so lucky." (September 09)

C., an Australian, contacted in August 2009 about his recent diagnosis of Blasto. and D.fragilis. He believes he became infected during his travels as an aid worker in Africa and Indonesia:

"(My symptoms are) Foggy-headedness, memory loss, and various stomach issues (cramping, diaorrhea, gassy, bloating) and a dry tongue at night. My doctor put me on flagyl for a week which hasnt given me any relief and if anything actually feels worse now than before.
I went back and he has put me on doxycycline, which I havent yet started, but am quite familiar with as an antimalarial which I use when in the field with my work.

I am trying to get an urgent remedy for this as I am scheduled to go to Africa again in 12 days and wanted to start a course of medication before leaving as I'm not feeling so great and dont want to be feeling ill in the sahara where it'll be about 35 degrees and lack of decent toilets !! Therefore I would really appreciate your response on what type of treatment may be helpful, and where I might get this treatment in Melbourne. I would really appreciate your urgent response and thanks for all of the info on your site.

Follow up email:

-------- Original Message --------
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 11:51:17 +1100
From: C.
To: Jackie Delaney

"Hi Jackie,

Happy to report that my first test after the treatment has shown 'no parasites', so it appears that the blasto and d. fragilis have been taken care of.

My symptoms have settled down although I do still seem to be quite sensitive to certain types of foods - particularly muesli in the mornings.
I also get a little bit of an ache from time to time, but overall things have been imrpoving quite steadily in the past 2 weeks.
I am now going to focus on building up the good flora and also taking some vitamin supplements to replace what was lost in the past few months. I am going to get a re-test in a month or so to confirm the bugs are gone.

Thanks again for your advice and all of the info you provided on the site - it is an exceptional resource for the average joe, as well as practitioners. It has certainly helped me a lot and I am very grateful.

Cheers, C.

In January '08, 18 year old J. from NSW, Australia, wrote: "Hi, I am so glad I found your site. It's like a miracle for me".

J's Blasto. was diagnosed in one sample, so he was actually lucky to be diagnosed with anything: One stool sample is less than 50% diagnostic, according to the medical literature.

His GP advised J. that Blasto. is a common and harmless parasite which does not cause symptoms. This advice was given despite the fact that clearly his patient was suffering:

"I've lost weight, feel weak and lethargic, nauseous, get hot flushes, mal absorption, abdominal discomfort.
This has come at a bad time as I am currently moving out of home to Sydney in less than a week so I don’t know whether to go to doc here where I live, who will give me flagyl, which everyone says is effective, or to wait until I’m in Sydney and find a doctor there and ask for the three drug treatment. I cannot afford excessive doctor appointments and drugs as I’m moving out of home for 1st time and parents can’t afford much more. I feel like I’m at the end of my rope here. So anything would be a great help.

Follow up email:

-------- Original Message --------
RE: infection.
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 19:46:08 +1000
From: J.
To: Badbugs

Hi, well i got very ill and was 55 kgs, went to many gastroenterologists all denying anything was wrong. i finally got a gp who prescribed me the three drug treatment. The treatment knocked me around and gave me candida overgrowth which was a problem for a few months but then it got back under controll. Since then ive regained my weight. im now a healthy 75 kgs, my eyes are bright and i havent been this well for years. My immune system seems to work again and i can tolerate alot more foods. Thanks so much, ive got my health back and thus the rest of my life.
Thanks Jackie, the nightmare is over.

R. from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, was diagnosed with B.hominis in January '08 after a decade of suffering significant symptoms diagnosed as IBS. When R. contacted me she was half way through her second round of Flaygl:

The first treatment of Flagyl proved inaffective and and I have almost finished the second lot of Flagyl. Although the severe cramping is not present at the moment I know that the stools are not normal and I am still suffering from wooziness, brain fog, exhaustion, nausea, niggling aches etc. The diarrohea has stopped but frequent motions are still the norm.
I was diagnosed some 10 years ago as having IBS after travelling to "third world" countries. I developed variable bowel habits but I learnt to live with this conditon. I lived on a mixture from the chemist called (Pepto Bismol) for many years which at times did seem to help a little. In early December I experienced a very bad attack of cramps etc. I knew that something was really wrong with me and finally my doctor ordered a faecal test which came back positive for Blasto."

Eighteen months later I received this good news:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: message from Jackie @ BadBugs
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 16:48:19 +1000
From: R.
To: Jackie Delaney

Hi Jackie,
Thank you so much for enquiring about my Blasto. I am pleased to say that I have been cured and I have you to thank for that. It took me a long time to fully believe that I was all clear as it took my stomach quite some time to settle down.
I took the triple medication in June and it wasn't until January that I decided that it would be ok to plan a holiday in Tasmania in March/April.
I can honestly say that I have never been so spooked and sick as I was with Blasto. If it was cancer or MS or MND well (I think) perhaps I could understand why I wasn't well but for a parasite to cause so much discomfort and emotional stress, I found that hard to deal with. And the Doctors couldn't help!!
I do hope that the other Brisbane woman you mentioned is now cured and all those who have been on the triple medication. I still can't bring myself to read your web site again - but I will....sometime in the future.
Again thank you for caring and sharing the information with me. You saved me from going around the twist.
Kind regards, R.

Bill, from Melbourne described his symptoms as "absolutely shocking. I suffered so many different things such as nausea, night sweats, dizziness, uncontrolled and unpredictable bowel movements. There were plenty of times when i avoided going out because i was feeling sick.".

Bil lived with these symptoms for eight years and had this to say about his medical experiences:

As for being misdiagnosed, i can't tell you how many doctors i have been to over the years and been told that i have depression, anxiety, irritable bowel, bad dietry habits etc etc.

To put it plain and simple , the doctors are just not aware of this illness and how to treat it. Looking back on the last eight years my biggest regret was not searching for your website earlier. I was fortunate to finally find a doctor who was very supportive and readily gave me the prescriptions that you recommended."

Unfortunately Bill's symptoms reappeared after the triple. In desperation he was ready to try another treatment, but having heard from so many people in the same predicament - whose symptoms did eventually die down - I suggested that he wait before repeating the treatment:

Hello Jackie,

I have just completed the treatment that you recommended to me (finished about three weeks ago). I felt fantastic for about two weeks after treatment, i couldnt believe the difference it was amazing, unfortunately during the last week i have noticed a few of the symtoms returning, mostly the awful foggy head. I think now that i am aabout 70% better which i can live with but i was thinking that maybe i should do the treatment again for another 10 days which might bring me closer to feeling 100%. I am interested to know your thoughts about this. you mentioned that you might have a couple of other alternatives, please let me know

As it turned out Bill didn't need a second treatment, because shortly afterwards his symptoms began to slowly improve:

---- Original Message -----
From: Bill
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2007 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: Blasto/Melbourne (please retain heading)

Thanks Jackie for the extra info. Initially after treatment i felt shocking for about two or three weeks but then noticed a gradual improvement there after. I didnt take the second round of medication so the first lot did the job. I guess i felt so bad after the treatment that i just assumed that the drugs didnt fix the problem but i have since discovered that i didnt have any good bacteria left which has caused some problems but each day i am getting a little better. I am hoping that in 6 months time the good bacteria will build up to sufficient levels again, i'm sure they will if i stick to a good diet.

Thanks Jackie your a saviour.

Bill's final email

---- Original Message -----
From: Bill
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2007 10:00 AM

Subject: Re: Blasto/Melbourne (please retain heading)

Hi Jackie,
just wanted to let you know that after almost 3 months since treatment by your recommended medication for Blasto i have tested negative " TWICE " !!!!!!!! It's gone after suffering for almost 8 years , gone too are the shitty symptoms that come with it.

I wish that i had visited your site immediately after being diagnosed so that i would not have spent years being prescribed FLAGYL by the doctors who quite obviously don't knowanything about this bug.

Thank you so much.



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: from N
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 19:44:26 -0600
From: N.
To: Jackie Delaney
Hi Jackie!

After I ended my meds, I felt very bad for over a month and had chronic diarrhea. But I started taking other supple-ments for my candida, and stayed on the diet, so who knows why my diarrhea lasted so long. Two months after the meds, I felt terrific and now on my normal diet. My anal itching and intestinal problems resolved, and I haven't had any stomach problems since doing the meds...thanks to you! Before, I felt weak, dizzy, nauseous,and SOOO tired all the time but now I have lots of energy.

Love N.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: thank you
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 11:39:35 -0800
From: L.

Hello Jackie,
I want to thank you for the information that you provided for me. Our last communication was in October 2008. I did order the 3-drug combo from Mexico and proceeded with the treatment. I made a mistake and had only 1/2 dosages of 2 of the drugs so was worried that they might not work. However they did!
I was tested one month after completing the treatment and the bugs were gone.
I found the regime trying, was quite sick and weak, but pulled through to good health.
I appreciate your dedication to the cause. I feel as though I have a new lease on life. Regards,
L. (USA)


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Bh/Q'land (please retain heading)
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 18:12:48 +1000
From: A.
To: 'Jackie Delaney'

Dear Jackie,
You asked me to let you know how I went with the Blasto treatment, so I'll tell you what I can. My doctor warned me the drugs would make me feel very unwell, so I didn't plan on doing much during the 10 days of treatment. He also suggested I take glutamine to help seal the gut and lipotropene to support the liver for two weeks before and then during and after treatment. My naturopath said to keep up the probiotics throughout the treatment - even though it would tend to kill them off there is some benefit from their transit through the gut.

The pico-prep beforehand was appalling. I only used one and will need a lot of convincing to ever have a colonoscopy when I will have to take two or possible three in a row!

I remained a bit unwell for a couple of weeks (after the treatment) but then I began to feel much better. My energy improved greatly and depression and other mood changes disappeared. I am very pleased I took the treatment - it has made a huge difference. I have not yet had a test to see if the Blasto has gone. I'll think about that for a bit later down the track.


D., from Canada, realised that she had "brought home more than beautiful silk after a recent trip India when Blasto. was diagnosed. Blasto. had already survived two rounds of Flagyl, six weeks of the popular Black Walnut and Wormwood herbal remedy, plus a "witches brew from the TCM doctor (tree bark and rocks)". Her doctor suggested trying Flagyl again, but D. was reluctant because she had tested positive after the two previous treatments with this drug: "The third time is a charm, right? I think I have created 'Super-Blasto'! I wonder if I could fit them for a cape and tights. I would love to hear what you have to say, as you seem to have helped many people!"

The result of the triple therapy is that D. tested negative and is now symptom free:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Thank you
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 01:01:11 +0000
From: D.


In 2005 you sent me the triad of success to get rid of Blastocystis. I'd been sleeping and pooping my way through the previous 2 years after eating a street corner samosa in India (it was delicious, by the way). Anyhow, I took the drug regimen you suggested, (purchased from an online pharmacy in Mexico, I am Canadian and the drugs are not available here). The drugs made me really sick, but about 10 days after finishing them, I woke up and I knew they were gone. All of them!
My health appreciates you so much.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: thank you!
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 11:03:15 +0000 (GMT)
From: L.
To: Jackie Delaney

Dear Jacky,

forgive my English, beacouse I’m traslaiting from Italian as I can. In the January of 2007 I’ve been in Recife, Brazil and since that time I had abdominal pain and water diarrhoea and I lost 15 kg. Two colonscopies demonstrated inflammation of the colon descendent and two stool test proved presence of blastocystis hominis. Following my doctors basic and specialist I took three times Flagyl with antibiotics (ciprofloxacin & humatin) without any result. After taking prednisone I felt better for abdominal pain, but water diarrhoea persisted, damaging my every day life for bad incontinence. Persistent was the presence of blastocystis hominis in the stool test. After your therapy (september 2007) I had a immediate recovery and I felt well without any other medicine.Thank you again for your suggestions. I'm 76 years old now and I worked 39 years as general surgeon in the hospital of XXX (Italy)

Ciao! L.



----- Original Message -----
From: C.
To: Jackie Delaney'
Sent: Saturday, June 24, 2008 10:26 AM
Subject: Blasto

Hello Jackie,
Lovely to hear from you. I'm delighted to report that I'm extremely well, and very active (walking, gym, rowing, and just about to go for a week's skiing). All the symptoms of the illness have gone, I'm back at work, and I've regained 6 of the 8 kilos of weight I'd lost.

The rowing is a recent thing. One of my crew mates is a GP. She was the first person in Australia to be diagnosed with Campylobacter a few years ago - it had made her very ill for quite some months. She told me she treats Blastocystis very aggressively first up, as she realizes that it can be very difficult to get rid of in patients who are symptomatic. Undoubtedly her own experience has made her receptive to the devastating consequences of parasitic infestation, but maybe also the tide is slowly turning in the medical community.

I hope you are well also, and again my heartfelt thanks for your support and advice through a time when no-one else seemed to be listening! Best wishes, C


T. is a professional photographer from California who also recovered because of this site. T's story is a litany of medical errors. He wrote to me in 2008 about his recently diagnosed Blasto. infection after four years of ill health.

After 10 days of being prescribed Flagyl, 3 days of Nitazoxanide and 10 days of Bactrim; the anti-yeast medication Amphotericin B and tinidazole; and 21 days of Flagyl, he was still testing positive to Blasto. He had also started testing positive to D.fragilis. His symptoms were certainly no better.

One year after this, because he was out of treatment options, T. wrote to me to enquire the triple therapy. Two months later this arrived:

-------- Original Message --------
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 10:10:38 -0700
From: xxxxx
Organization: XXXX Photography
To: 'Jackie Delaney'

Hi. I have tested negative for Dientamoeba Flagilis and Blasto. I had a few weeks of gargling stomach (after the treatment). It almost felt like bacteria were re-colonizing, competing to establish themselves. Now just minor flatulence. It’s been two months since my treatment.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T (USA).



------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: I. from Holland
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 13:14:34 +0200
To: Jackie Delaney

Dear Jackie,
In April this year I took the medicine and I told you in July that I am feeling very well.
You asked me to keep you informed. Well eveything is going extremely well. I have absolutely no problem in my stomach anymore, even I stayed 4 weeks in the Middle East. In overall I feel better, less tired etc.
Futher to that, this year I had no hayfever at all!!! This is the most amazing what is happening to me in 44 years. Since I was 9, I have hayfever. I am allergic to grass, and this is unforunately not to avoid in Holland. But this year, absolutely nothing. So, I don't know if this is a coincedent or a result of this medicines, but I like it.
Anyhow, I will keep you informed and I cannot wait next years season of hayfever!
Best regards, Ineke

I asked Ineke to provide a list of symptoms the treatment alleviated:

1. 6-7 times a year very bad diarree
2. continues gas in the stomach, my colon on the right side of my abdomen was visible every morning by waking up. I mean when you lay flat on your back my right side was swollen with gas.
3. Nausea a lot of time
4. Tired, tired
5. Sleepless nights, waking up from pain in the stomach
6. Pain in my joints, especially shoulders and arm.(completely gone!!!
That is what I remember now, it is strange how quick you forget!
Best regards, I.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Blasto. treatment
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 15:41:44 -0800 (PST)
From: J.
To: Jackie Delaney
Just wanted to let you know that my stool test from Genova Diagnostics (US) came back clear of Blasto! This was after one treatment with the triple antibiotic therapy. I still have a bunch of symptoms, but have seen a slow improvement in the six weeks since I came off the antibiotics. Less food allergies, less stomach pain, less general malaise. One interesting development is that now I have an overgrowth of the bacterium klebsiella, which I guess can be pathogenic. Anyway, I'll let you know how things go. Trying to adjust my diet to keep the gut recovering. The great news is I'm cleared for my surgery (an unrelated ortho surgery that I had to clear the parasite before I could do it)! Couldn't have done it without you.
Many thanks, J.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Badbugs
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 22:48:18 +1030
From: M.
To: badbugs
Dear Jackie
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I took the whole treatment and than had the tests redone and they came back negative. Thank you so much I finally feel well again. I still have a few symptoms but they are getting better every day. My doctor said hes not worried about doing the follow up test unless I get sick again.
Thank you again. M. (Australia).



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Incredible!
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 12:14:41 +1000
From: p
To: Jackie Delaney

Hello Jackie,
Do hope all is well with you. I am feeling fantastic so very grateful to be alive. I sing and hum a tune. I feel like skipping down the street! I read on your website that people felt better by the second month after finishing the 3 meds. That is exactly what happened to me. My energy has returned, the fog that circled my brain has gone. I can now think of my future with joy instead of living a life of illness.
My face is still thin and my body anorexic, I am waiting to put on some weight. Even if I don't regain any of the 16kgs I lost, I don't care any more. To have my health and a future returned to me is enough.
Thank you for your constant support. It is only through you and your website that I am cured today. You have helped so many victims of this dreadful bug not only to support them when no one believes in their cries for help, but also to regain their life again. May you be truly blessed Jackie.
Pam (Australia)

Footnote: Unfortunately Pam's elation was premature because a few weeks after finishing the triple therapy her symptoms began to slowly return. Within three months she was again feeling very unwell.

Three fixed samples confirmed that Blasto. had survived.

Pam underwent a new and novel treatment for extremely resistant B.hominis: Over three consecutive days high doses of Blasto. meds were implanted rectally. Months later Pam is now symptom free, has gained weight and is once again living a life free of Blasto. symptoms.

Here is part of Pam's original email where she describes the impact this common GI parasite had on her life:

In 2006 I went to Bali. I was there to stay with friends who have an orphanage in the mountains and I had been involved in fund raising for them. At the Airport in Denpasar on my way home, diarrhea hit me with great force.

I visited my local doctor and had a specimen test. It came back - Positive: Blastocystis Hominis.

I was prescribed Flagy. I completed the course but still the diarrhea persisted. When I returned to my doctor he said that blastocytis does not cause diarrhea as it is nonpathogenic. He recommended I see a Gastroenterist to see what the trouble was.

I then had CT scans of the abdomen, liver and colon. Although an unrelated condition did show up, there was no reason for my chronic diarrhea. It was recommended I have a Colonoscopy. I told the Gastroenterologist that my problem was Blastocytis but he said it was non-pathogenic and was definitely not the cause of my chronic diarrhea. He was Indian and recommended a high rice and carbohydrate diet, which I did follow. He said many people in Asia live on rice to control these bugs. I now know Blastocystis bugs thrive on carbohydrates!
I lost 12 kilograms. It was recommended I undertake a second dose of Flagyl over 10 days. It made me very sick, so I took Maxalon which made me dizzy and very sleepy. It was a very hard time to go through.
Approximately 3 weeks later the diarrhea returned and I think the bugs thrived. I did have another Lab test, which proved negative.

My feelings at the time: My life has ended as I know it. I feel dreadful, very fatigued, my stomach cramps. It's hard to go out, as I never know when diarrhea will hit me. I have disgusting flatulence. I look awful, I am skin and bone and my clothes hang off me. My skirts fall around my hips. I have a feeling my life is ending. I often think my brain is affected too, I have a "woolly head". I don't sleep well. I have no hope of finding a way to recover from the blastocytis. The bug controls my every day. Sometimes it is bad, other days mild. But I always have the stomach pains.

I could not find a Gastroenterologist or doctor who believed me when I told them I was suffering from Blastocystis. I found it unforgivable that they could see I was suffering but refused to even discuss blastocytis. They were so sure in their diagnosis it must be Irritable Bowel, or some other problem.....

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Blasto/Melb/daughter with autism
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 16:22:39 +1000
From: A.
To: Jackie Delaney

Hi Jackie. You asked me to get back to you with our "testimony".
My daughter - aged 39, has an intellectual disabiltiy and autism, she also has had Blastocystus Homminis for about 4 years....one initial bout about 4 years ago, which made her really ill and then she "seemed" to "recover". However, about 18 mths ago, she exhibited many of the symptoms described on your website. Trips to and treatment by the local GP were unfruitful - resulting in no change in her condition whatsoever. Tests determined that the bug was still there. I undertook much research and thank God, I discovered your website. We had a consultation with the gastro. you suggested, who looked at the Pathology results and assessed my daughterr (weight loss quite significant) and prescribed the "triple treatment" for her.
I had been quite rigid with my daughter's diet after reading about how the Blasto "feeds" on grains etc on your site and we stuck to this during treatment. Her diet was devoid of all carbohydrates (with some vegetables as the exception),no grains, no fruit - until such time as we had a clear Pathology reading. Praise the Lord....each of the 3 tests - all clear of Blasto.!!!!
Thank you so much for your diligence in ensuring that through your website, others have the opportunity to avail themselves of this treatment. My daughter is still experiencing some mild symptoms, but these are being treated with probiotics and intestine repair products. As mentioned on your website, one of the side effects of this bug is iron deficiency, which my also affected my daughter, (this was discovered by hair analysis, rather than blood tests) so she now undergoing natural treatment to bring this back to normal .
Thank you once again, for your valuable assistance - keep it up....
God bless, A. (Melbourne. Australia)

Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Blastocystis Treatment /USA/ (please retain heading)
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008
From: C
To: Jackie Delaney
Hi Jackie. I eliminated Blastocystis after taking the triple therapy you recommended in late 2006. I started thank you letters to you before but never finished them. I decided I should finally just send some feedback to you!
Thank you for helping me wake from the nightmare! C.

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Subject: Re: Fwd: A bit of background on my condition
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 15:57:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: B.
To: Jackie Delaney Jackie,

...just to let you know that the Blasto remedy worked! It's been five weeks since the end of the treatment. The tests came back negative. And, I knew beforehand it was gone because the symptoms disappeared. There's some thought that there might have been something else complicating my condition. But, we'll never know because the treatment cleared everything up.

I ordered the medication from Mexico. That was no problem and worked well. The last four days of the ten were pretty hard - nothing could live through that, and, I'm sort of surprised I did! My doctors here in the 'States thought that I was jumping off into la la land. It's hard to describe how wonderful it is to be able to eat pretty much anything again. Cheese, raw vegetables... I've given up my chocolate habit, though, and that's probably helped. Also, I haven't had a drink in a few months - a number of the medications restricted alcohol and I just kept going with it.

It took about a month to get my stomach back after the treatment. I finished up with the Aptiva yogurt (digestive enzymes added) product for 12 days following the treatment. This helped to rebuild the stomach and digestive system. Also, I started a physical exercise regimen that I hadn't been able to do during the illness. I had my condition for six months and it was really getting to the exasperating point. We tried three different therapies.

Imagine the people on your site and elsewhere who have gone years without effective treatment! No wonder they're near the breaking point. I'm willing to bet this is one of the highest undiagnosed problems in this country. The GI who I saw said I was one of the few - if not THE ONLY case he had seen where Blasto was symptomatic!
I have my energy back - enthusiasm, and appreciation for the basic things in life. It's a life altering benefit!
Thanks, again. B

B. from Canada, suffered from bouts of digestive upsets after a number of trips to India.

In 2007, his digestive symptoms became more severe after drinking a small small quantity of water a well-meaning friend brought back from an ashram in India.

B. consulted a travel medicine clinic about his syptoms. The clinic tested him for parasites, but because the clinic doctors considered Blasto. unimportant he was not told he was infected. I alerted B. to this problem, suggesting that he ask if any "non-pathogenic" parasites were found.

He was told that not only is Blasto. harmless, but also that it is incurable.

After searching the internet for answers B. came across BadBugs. He took the triple therapy and a few months later sent this:

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Subject: FW: Bh/Canada
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 21:27:48 -0500
From: B. XXX
To: BadBugs

Hi Jackie, I took the 10-day treatment in October 2007. I have found the experience difficult since I was experiencing (very) slight nausea for about 3 days out of the 10 days. Fortunately, the more difficult moments coincided with weekends, so I was able to work the rest of the time. The very worst moment was intense and lasted about 15 minutes during the night from the 2nd to the 3rd day where I felt very hot and unsuccessfully tried to vomit (not sure if it was due to the drugs or to the different meal I ate for dinner). I almost gave up the treatment at that moment, but feeling better in the morning, I decided to continue the treatment until the end.

After the treatment, during the first 2 months, my stools were radicallly different from before the treatment since instead of being soft & sticky, they were amazingly long & wellformed. The very good news is that I have no longer pain in the digestive system!!! I have not experienced the symptoms that prompted me to take the medication since the treatment 4 months ago.

I will take the parasite detection test sometime at the end of February 2008 or March 2008 to see if I still have B.H. Whether it is a 'yes' or a 'no', it seems like the parasite that was causing me difficult symptoms is gone!!!

I will let you know the results of my tests when I get them.
Thanks very much again for the work that you do that is so essential since medical doctors are not equipped to help us: the drugs in the treatment are not prescribed by medical doctors in my country.
With gratitude!

Follow up email:

From: B.
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 12:51 AM
To: 'Jackie Delaney'
Subject: No more Blasto !!!

Hi Jackie,
Gooood News!!!
I had the results of my stool test this morning. They didn’t detect any parasites!!! No more Blastocystis Hominis!! It is gone!!! I am now Blasto. and symptom free and feeling just fine.
For those that are not getting effective help from their local medical community, your web site and the proposed treatment is an extremely appreciated help. I also would like to add the following: it was very helpful to exchange emails with you and to get some email addresses of past B.H. patients who have successfully taken the drugs in my country. Those emails and also a subsequent phone call with one of these persons allowed me to build the necessary confidence to take the drugs myself. So the way you proceed is far more superior than just posting the treatment on an impersonal web site.
I hope that you can continue to do your excellent work.
Thank you very much for all your help !!! B.

P. had recently been diagnosed with B.hominis after years of symptoms which included "frequent bouts of 'flu, feeling fatigued and light-headed and generally feeling run down"

I forwarded P. details of the triple therapy. After some deliberation P. went through with the treatment with this result:

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Subject: Re: B hominis treatment
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 15:40:35 -0800
From: P. xxxx
To: Jackie Delaney

Hi Jackie,
I'm sending you a much belated update. Briefly, I took the triple therapy last August to treat my B. hominis. I ordered the meds online and -- with quite a bit of difficulty -- found a pharmacy here in the US that could order the Nitazoxinide with a prescription. My naturopath was initially cautious about this treatment, and suggested I take Flagyl instead on the theory that "the devil you know" is better than the one you don't. I eventually won him over, though, and by the time I had decided to go with the Sydney treatment he was supportive and got me a prescription for the Nitazoxinide.

I took the three drugs for the full 10 days; although I didn't feel well during the treatment I was never violently ill or suffered any major side effects. As far as I can tell, it was effective. Prior to treatment I had tested positive for Blasto on three out of five stool samples; six weeks or so after treatment I tested negative on three out of three (I haven' t retested since then). My Eosinophil blood count (blood draw) had been elevated consistently for about a year before I did the treatment -- that was the marker in fact that led my naturopath to suspect a parasite in the first place. Post-treatment my Eosinophil count decreased consistently over a period of months and is now in the normal range. Symptomatically, I also feel improved although the change after treatment wasn't immediate or clear cut; prior to treatment I didn't have significant GI problems or other dramatic symptoms, but rather problems with my immune system and a general tendency to malaise and fatigue. I have felt better and more energetic overall post-treatment, starting perhaps a month after I finished taking the drugs; and I have had only one, relatively mild viral infection since then (I've been more resistant than lots of people here -- the winter in Seattle has been wet and cold and lots of infections are going around).

My naturopath, by the way, is convinced that the Blasto was harming me and that the treatment definitively rid me of the infection. Now he thanks me for telling him about your findings and the Sydney clinic, and he tells me he has suggested the triple treatment for several other patients with Blasto he has seen since last summer. Thanks again for your great help to me and others! P.

Steve, from Sydney, Australia unexpectedly ended up Singapore in hospital after he fell ill on his way home from a holiday in Thailand. He described his symptoms as "Swelling abdomen, sweats, and it felt like my stomach was ripping inside"

After 24 hours observation the hospital discharged Steve and he flew home. In Australia Steve's GP referred him to the local hospital for tests. A single unfixed sample was negative for infection, and blood tests and a CT scan failed to reveal why he felt faint and unwell and looked so sick and pale.

A few weeks later another unfixed stool sample tested negative. Steve was referred back to the hospital for an ultrasound, which was also negative. His luck changed when another single unfixed stool sample revealed B.hominis cysts. Read about the problem of intermittent shedding of cysts in stool here.

The following failed to relieve any of his symptoms:

Combantrin – an anthelmintic agent for the treatment of worms;
Salazopyrin – an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohns and colitis;
Somac – a drug used to control stomach acid;

S. wrote that he felt like "shit everyday" and began to lose hope of ever getting better. He wrote that he felt as though his illness had taken over his life.

S. was referred to a gastroenterologist for assessment. A colonoscopy and endoscopy found no evidence of any abnormalities and S. was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Sydrome. B.hominis was not taken into consideration.

At that point S. did what many people with Blasto. or D.fragilis are forced to do - turn to the the internet for answers:

"Hi, I really need your help and just want to get back to having a normal life again as I am sick of going to the Doctors and fed- up with feeling nauseas and sick. Thanks Jackie..."

Steve convinced his dr to prescribe the triple therapy. Three months later I received this good news:

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Subject: Re: S. - PARASITE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 15:30:32 +1000
From: Steve xxxxxx
To: Jackie Delaney

G'day Jackie,
Remember Me!
I contacted you in November of last year, since then I have had the colonoscopy and all is well with no signs of anything abnormal found. I did wait until after the colonoscopy to start the triple meds after having a good bowel flush out. I lasted nine out of the ten days as on the ninth day I started to feel very sick and started dry-reaching, got a whole lot better a few days later. I started sleeping and eating better and also started to gain weight back again.
I sent off three stool samples with fixative to the Histo Lab last week and saw my GP today for the results: "No faecal Parasites were found". Hows that!
Which I am very very happy about, my stomach is still a bit sensitive to what I eat, and from now on I really do think about what I put in my mouth, especially when I travel for work.
Just like to say thanks Jackie for all your help, without you and your website I would still be very sick and searching for a cure.
Regards, S.

D., an Australian living in Ireland, wrote:

My Dear Jackie,
Well what a girl you are. Consider yourself big bear hugged and kissed on both cheeks !!. So many thanks Kiddo. Got my results today. NO OVA OR PARASITES SEEN . . .!! What joy at seeing those words. I could fly, the sense of freedom is so great. I'm feeling so much better, but I'm a bit fragile down there still. My intestines I mean. I do still have a couple of lesser nondescript beasties Enterobacter cloace and rhodotorula species.
Will find out what they are and how to treat in due course. But Blasto and Dientamoeba exploded under your cocktail. What a whizz you are. Must off to call my friends with the news. Much love and thanks from the bottom of my belly."
D. (Ireland. Jan 2008)

Follow up: Although getting rid of Blasto. and D.fragilis reduced D's symptoms, she did not make a full recovery and is now concentrating on battling her extra "beasties".

A., from the US, contacted me in September 07. For the previous two years she had endured:

"Alcohol irritation (I got a rash every time I drank wine)
Horrible gas constantly
Lack of energy (I was a very active person)
2 weeks of the month I had constipated stool
Two weeks of the month I had loose almost diarrhea stool and a very upset stomach and blood in my stool.
I would leave for work and by lunch time I was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. My fiance called me lazy. It was really hard for me to deal with because I use to work full time, go to the gym every day, and bar tend on the weekends."

The third of three fixed samples was positive for Giardia. Flagyl failed to help the symptoms. Another two fixed samples were now positive for Blasto.

Her partner, who had had come down with similar symptoms was tested and Blasto. was diagnosed.

A. and her partner both went on the triple simultaneously, with this result:

"I just received my first test results and they were NEGATIVE. I finished the regimen on Dec. 1 2007. I still have two more tests to do over the next two months. I feel Great! I have not had this much energy in two years. I no longer have a reaction to wine and have eaten some garlic without any problems. I still have a scheduled colonoscopy in February; my doctors want to make sure I do not have any inflammation or damage from having the parasites for so long.

I don’t know how to thank you for helping us. I feel as though YOU helped give me back my life. In the past I was always concerned about my body image and how I looked. This experience has made me SOOOO grateful for my health and a new perspective on how I look at life. People like you are true angels.

Jackie I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences and helping people in places that don’t know what to do about Blasto yet. I truly believe without you I would have been living with Blasto for many more years.
Sincerely, A.

A few weeks later this arrived:

"I am well. I feel much better. It took a couple of months to fully recover ...I have just started back to the gym. My colonoscopy and upper GI x ray came back normal.
But now I truly feel better. I believe without your help I (we) would have lived with this awful bug for many more years. I am grateful to have found you. Now I can concentrate on planning my wedding. My fiance has not been to the doctors yet. His doctor didn't believe he had a problem so he took the meds on his own. He has since switched to my doctor. He needs to make an appointment to check his stool and will request a colonoscopy as well.
But he feels great and notices a big difference.
Sincerely, A.
United States (Feb 2008)

K, from Australia, had had been very unwell for ten years following a holiday in Mexico almost 10 years earlier. She described her symptoms as:

"Anxiety, exhaustion, sleeplessness, difficulty concentrating, weight loss and general loss of appetite with periods of intense cravings for sweet foods".

Shortly after returning from a trip abroad K was diagnosed with Blasto. Her GP was of the opinion that Blasto is harmless. Typically Flagyl, prescribed in case of undiagnosed Giardia, reduced her symptoms for only a few weeks. Blasto. was found several times over the next few years but K. was unable to find a dr who believed that Blasto. causes symptoms. As a consequence K. was forced to endure her symptoms for ten years.

In 2007 whilst searching the internet for information about Blasto. she found BadBugs. A new doctor agreed to prescribe the triple therapy and within a few weeks of finishing the treatment she was well enough to to travel abroad to her birthplace, Switzerland. On her return to Australia K. wrote about the difference the treatment has made to her holiday, and her life:

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From: K.
To: Jackie Delaney
Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2007 6:10 PM
Subject: Re: Life is wonderful...

"I am feeling just great! When i was o/seas i ate and ate and ate all the foods that i grew up on and cant get here, it was just wonderful. I actually gained a couple of kilos and i felt and still feel fantastic around food, i cant believe i can actually eat anything and everything, and FEEL like eating, that is sooo god. I am sooooo grateful that i feel this way, i can tell you, and you will forever hold a special place in my heart, Jackie!!
Best of luck with your work,
you are a real TREASURE!!"
(September '07)

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From: J.
To: Jackie Delaney
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2007 8:05 AM
Subject: Still doing well.

Hi Jackie,

I don't know if you remember me or not but I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I spoke to you a couple years ago about my Blasto. and I went down to Mexico to buy the drugs to treat myself that you had suggested since they were not approved in Canada and I was getting nowhere with my doctors.

Well all that I can say is that at this point in time I am feeling amazing. Still doing 100% and have had no signs of the parasite since June of 2005. I still take Acidophilus and coconut water as well as Glutamine though. I am also still having trouble digesting nuts but everything else is back to normal. I'm sure that having the parasite for almost a year did a lot damage but for the most part things are normal. I can honestly say that I have never felt so healthy in my life. I am 30 years old but feel like I am 21. The parasite may have been a blessing because now I live a super healthy life and I appreciate everyday that I have.

Anyways, I just wanted to write you with another update as you had helped me out so much and I appreciate all of your advice.
Take Care, J.

L. from California contacted me in January 07 about her recently diagnosed Blasto. infection. She thinks she caught Blasto. from drinking well water at her grandmother's house.

"I have on several occasions become very ill with diarrhea and fever while visiting her. I don't currently have any bowel symptoms that are severe. I have occasional bloating with the tendency toward constipation. I do have extended periods where I am extremely fatigued, foggy headed and achy and wonder if the blastocystis could be a cause of it. I have not had a period in over a year and have thought that I entered menopause at 39. It will be interesting to see if my periods come back!

Against her doctor's advice L. travelled to Mexico to purchase the drugs used in the triple therapy.

I am really nervous about taking the drugs. I ate a starchy breakfast and today I am already feeling horrible. I feel out of it, my head hurts, my tongue was thickly coated when I woke up and my body aches. I saw my doctor, who doesn't feel that I should take these drugs. He is worried that I will not feel well on them. I am also worried about how I will feel with them, especially since I am already feeling yucky without taking them. Does everyone who takes this protocol feel bad during it? When I read the website testimonials I don't really feel as bad as some of the others who are losing weight and having bowel problems. My symptoms are more vague, however I feel that something is keeping me from feeling my optimal health and would like to rule out the Bh."

L. overcame her fear and took the triple therapy. Four weeks after finishing the treatment I received this good news:

From: L.
To: 'Jackie Delaney
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 9:17 AM
Subject: Blasto results

Hi Jackie,
I just want to let you know I just received the results from my stool analysis and I have no parasites!!!!! I am very happy!!!!!
I am feeling better than I have in a very long time!!!!!!!
Also, I have had some spotting the past couple of days and I am hoping that my period will come back!
Thank you again for all of your support!
Take care,

Follow-up email:

From: L.
To: 'Jackie Delaney'
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 12:03 PM
Subject: RE: Blasto...

Hi Jackie, Thanks for the inquiry. I have not retested yet. I am scared to! I plan on retesting in a few weeks. I still am feeling well! I will definately keep you posted! L.

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From: L
To: Jackie Delaney
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2007 3:16 AM
Subject: Update

Hi Jackie,

Since completing the drug protocol, I have felt great! I feel better than I expected. I feel motivated to do the things I use to dread. I feel like I have lots of energy and my head is clear! I am really hoping that these effects will last and that what I was able to do killed that blasto bug!

Thanks! L.

From: B.
To: badbugs@idx.com.au
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2007 10:00 AM
Subject: Re: Blasto/Melbourne (please retain heading)

Hi Jackie , just wanted to let you know that after almost 3 months since treatment by your recommended medication for Blasto i have tested negative "TWICE " !!!!!!!! It's gone after suffering for almost 8 years , gone too are the shitty symptoms that come with it.

I wish that i had visited your site immediately after being diagnosed so that i would not have spent years being prescribed FLAGYL by the doctors who quite obviously don't know anything about this bug. I think i suffered from this illness for about 8 years. The symptoms were absolutley shocking , i suffered so many different things such as nausea , night sweats , dizziness , uncontrolled and unpredictable bowel movements. There were plenty of times when i avoided going out because i was feeling sick.

As for being misdiagnosed , i can't tell you how many doctors i have been to over the years and been told that i have depression , anxiety , irritable bowel , bad dietry habits etc etc. Overall i am feeling so much better after the treatments , it's just fantastic. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Jackie,

I cannot thank you enough for sending me treatment info. for B.hominis. My doctor was unable to get them for me because only Nitaz is on the American market.

I live in Florida so my husband and I took a four-day cruise to Mexico from Ft. Lauderdale. We went to Cozumel and found the drugs fairly easily although we had to go to several stores to get the quantity we needed.

The prices were much better in stores away from the waterfront! Before I took the pills, I checked out the websites of the manufacturers of the drugs on dosage and side -effects.

They advised me to take them every 12 and 8 hours around the clock to provide the best levels in the gut. I had an orthostatic lavage ( horrible experience) one day prior and commenced on the drugs. By the third day I was really sick and could hardly eat; even our water tasted bad!

I made sure I drank plenty of fluids and lived on chicken soup with veggies and noodles. On the ninth day, I developed a dark purple rash on my legs and knew it was the Nitaz. so I stopped that. I also developed a heart arrhythmia and realised it probaly was due to loss of electrolytes due to the diarrhea and not eating properly. I took a drink called V-8 which is loaded with Sodium and Potassium which corrected it in a half-hour. (I am a Registered Nurse).I lost 7lbs. and didn't leave the house for two weeks.

It has taken me over a month to recover but yesterday I received the results from Great Smokies Lab that I do not have any parasites! I have had tests every year for 9 years and this is the first negative. I have had every treatment known for nine years but nothing has worked. I was a little afraid this wouldn't work because I had so much Flagyl a few years ago, I developed a reaction to it.

I think I became infected 25 years ago in Nepal. The symptoms have been coming on gradually for years, also many yeast infections of the gut and lots of food allergies. Last year I really became ill and couldn't eat. I lost 14lbs.

I must have spent thousands of dollars on various treatments over the years. I thought it was simply yeast until Great Smokies diagnosed B.hominis. My gut is still badly inflamed and I am not producing enough enzymes to digest properly, however this is being corrected with supplements. I feel that I have been given my life back again! My husband has been long-suffering due to me not feeling good most of the time in the last few years, and all my food intolerances. My constantly runny nose has also disappeared and I can sleep with one pillow again!

Have you thought about publishing a booklet with all the information you have on your website plus other pertinent facts? It would probably sell very well and save you a lot of time answering e-mails and maintaining a web site. We need to get the word out that these bugs are pathogenic and destroy lives. My very best wishes for all your future endeavors, you are doing a terrific job.
Gratefully, B.

Footnote: Although B's health has greatly improved, she occasionally experiences a flare up of symptoms. A number of tests, including PCR testing, have not detected Blasto.

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From: s.
To: Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 10:00 PM
Subject: Getting rid of Blasto,yippee!

Dear Jackie,

I e-mailed you back in January about how to get rid of the Blasto that I had and you sent me suggestions. As I live in the U.K I wasn't sure how to get the drugs you suggested and I wasn't keen on taking Paromomycin as I had tried Metronidazole twice and it hadn't fixed the problem.

I looked into The Hospital for Tropical Diseases but wasn't happy with them. So I found a private hospital that specialises in M.E* (which I also have)and to my shock they knew all about the drugs you suggested and got them shipped over from Australia!!They gave me the drugs you recommended and also threw in Doxycycline at 50mg twice a day.

I didn't freel brilliant whilst taking that lot but it was O.K.And now I am Blasto free!!! I think I must have had it for 10 years and I have had such a terrible tummy during that time which I believe is partly responsible for the M.E.It is wonderful to be free of it and I can't thank you enough for your help. Again from the bottom of my heart(and now healthy gut!)

THANK YOU,the help you give is wonderful and I really,really appreciate
it. Your help in getting rid of those nasty parasites has enabled me to take a huge step forward and I am making big improvements with the M.E too because of it which is fantastic.

All the best to you and thanks again, E.



Hello Jackie,

I can't thank you enough in helping me getting rid of Blastocystis Hominis. Below you will find a report I sent to my doctor. This ordeal is finally over.

Report on treatment of Blastocystis Hominis May 31st 2006.

Symptoms: abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, belching, occasional nausea, mushy stools, constipation, gas, restlessness, fatigue, inability to concentrate.

A 10 day course of Flagyl (750mg tid ) and 20 days of Iodoquinol (650mg tid) were unsuccessful in getting rid of the parasite.

As you suggested I purged with a strong laxative the day before starting the therapy to help reduce the parasite load and give the medicine a head start. I took a product call Golytely.

Before I took the pills, I checked out the manufacturers websites for side effects. I took them every 12 and 8 hours around the clock to provide the best levels in the gut.

I also took a probiotic: Ultra Flora IB (Metagenics) one capsule a day.

I had a very strict diet; drank plenty of fluids and lived on fish, veggies and chicken for 10 days. I avoided all types of sugars, fruits, cheeses, grains and starchy food. No caffeine, alcohol and chocolate.

By the 7th day, I was not feeling good at all and could hardly eat anything. The ninth day I had a rash all over my body. It seemed that the rash, may have been a manifestation of my body detoxifying itself.

I waited 7 weeks to avoid false negative results before being retested for BH. Both Montreal General Hospital Tropical Disease Center and CDL Laboratories reports were negative for BH or any other ova and parasites in stool culture.

As of today, I have obtained with the above treatment, complete remission of my symptoms and eradication of the parasites.

As an immunocompromised patient, I firmly believe that Blastocystis Hominis is a pathogen and needs to be treated. Gratefully, A.

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From: P.
To: Jackie
Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006
4:28 PM
Subject: Hi Jackie

Dear Jackie,

I hope this finds you well! I have finished the 10 day course now, and am feeling SO much better I can hardly believe it. My periods have returned after a long absence, the bloating has gone right down, and I already have so much more energy and feel more clear-headed. I am taking the VSL#3 twice a day, and will be r-tested in a few weeks to make sure all the blighters have disappeared. I will keep in touch - and I really cannot thank you enough for all your support. It has been an absolute Godsend! All the best, P.

Dear Jackie,
You asked me to let you know how I went with the Blasto treatment, so I'll tell you what I can.

My doctor warned me the drugs would make me feel very unwell, so I didn't plan on doing much during the 10 days of treatment. He also suggested I take glutamine to help seal the gut and lipotropene to support the liver for two weeks before and then during and after treatment. My naturopath said to keep up the probiotics throughout the treatment - even though it would tend to kill them off there is some benefit from their transit through the gut.

The pico-prep beforehand was appalling. I only used one and will need a lot of convincing to ever have a colonoscopy when I will have to take two or possible three in a row! So the treatment did make me fairly sick - nausea, headache and fatigue (I carefully observed all the food restrictions) - but I survived. This continued for several days afterwards and I found that my whole g.i.t was very irritated. I used a lot of slippery elm powder to help settle this down and of course took heaps of probiotics along with a variety of vitamins and other things. I remained a bit unwell for a couple of weeks but then I began to feel much better. My energy improved greatly and depression and other mood changes disappeared. After a month or so of feeling well, both practitioners suggested I take a course of herbal remedies for gut bugs just to ensure there was no residue of anything hanging around. I am still taking these. I remain well though the humid Brisbane summer makes me realise that I still have a way to go in recovering all my energy.

Still I am very pleased I took the treatment - it has made a huge difference. Thank you A.

March 15 2007

Finished the treatment and am feeling a million times better than I have for years so thought to you deserve to hear this.

Before the treatment, I took a blood test, my ferritin was too low at 49, I believed Blasto was eating my iron stores. 3 days into the treatment I made a 2nd ferritin test & received the results today, guess what? my ferritin is 91. Higher is better so how is that? I ate no iron tablets, my diet has been veg & soup & fish.

This result can only mean one thing, my iron stores are no longer being depleted by the BH because the little blighters are reduced and dying fast. Hence, my feeling better. Unless the lab tests are faulty, so I called my doc, she said it's a very interesting observation, especially as I feel much better despite fatigue caused by the drugs. She also says lab tests are sensitive, but I doubt they are that sensitive, doubled!!!

Fingers crossed and a BIG thanks for all the support you have given me, I couldn't have done this without your conviction and determination. T.

Follow up email 2 April 2007


Hi Jackie,
Yippeee, 1st Blasto test today = negative, no Blasto seen. A bit early I know but my doc wanted to do a prelim test and will do another in 4 - 6 weeks just to be sure. Still feeling much better after 19 days.

Thanks for all your support,
Best regards T.

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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 21:02:59 -0600 (CST)
From: E.

Dear Jakie:

Im EXXX, a mexican 57 years old male who unfortunately has the exactly same symptoms you describe in your own story (My best congratulations for the courage for figthing the illness). My own story began as follows:

After several weeks of feelling unwell, I thought that I was dealing with a normal stomach disease, but for my surprise none antibiotics I used could not stop it( I tried Cyprofloxacine, Chloranfenicol, Oxitetracicline ,even I tried with a normal dosis of Rifaximine( two tablets of 200 mg/each at morning and at night), However symptoms remain though the greenish stool becoming yellow.. So tired of fighting against something new I decided to go to the Analysis. Laboratories reported Blastocystis Hominis (September of this year).When I saw this name for first time, it did not mean anything to me at all, so I went to see a Doctor friend of mine who told me that with flagyl everyting was going to be normal, but after seven days I felt worst. Here I decided to go to a professional, I went to see a Gastro specialist who told me that my symptoms were not related with Blasto. H., In spite that I insist on it. He gave me a serial kind of insturctions that I knew they were not going to work(Because I am a Chemist).

Because of the terrible symptoms that day by day were increasing ,I decided to go to Internet for knowing the illness. There I found your marvellous page and I decided at first to go for the combination of Rifaximine and Nitazoxamide (2 tabs of 500 mg/each for Nitazoxamide-one at the morning and one at night plus 6 tabs of Rifaximine of 200 mg/each-Two at morning; two at second meal about 3:00 PM and two more at night). I took the combination for about 15 days and I stopped because I felt well, but after seven days after that, symptoms began to come again , so I decided to return with treatment, however I am not convinced for good results.

I Kindly request you, the three drogs combination details you mention at your page.

Thanking you in advance for all help you can give me.

Best Regards

Follow up email:

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From: E. To: Jackie Delaney
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 10:47 AM
Subject: Re: HELP FOR BLASTOCYSTIS HOMINIS/Mexico /Excellent Last Results

Hi Jackie

I have just received my second and I hope the last laboratory results for the Blasto, they are negative completely. For the moment almost all symptoms have disapeared, except some amount of gases, but I hope everthing come to normal in just a while. Once more I want to thank you for coming back my life again, without you maybe I would be still sick and with a very bad health. I would like to help in some way to other people at the world (to latin america or spanish spoken people specially) . Well if something come to your mind about it please tell me, I always will be ready to help you in anything you ask me,
my best regards, E.

Follow-up Ocober 2009:

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Subject: Re: HELP FOR BLASTOCYSTIS HOMINIS/Mexico /Excellent Last Results
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 19:01:38 -0800 (PST)
From: E.
To: Jackie Delaney

Hello Jakie , what a great and nice surpise!!!, How are you I hope you are as good as I am right now. Yes I gained weight,(now is 66 Kg, when I was ill I had just 58 kg) and though I have had certain problems to get better at first because the blasto tried to came back to me again (I think because the cyst form it has sometimes) so I repeat treatment twice eight months later... and I won the battle at last. I send my best regards to you and a great hug.

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From: D.
To: Jackie Delaney
Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 2:41 AM
Subject: Re: Bh/Canada

Hello Jackie,
yes I am for sure better, I don't have the dizziness anymore, no spasms to bother me (still small here and there depending on what I eat), I actually eat anything I feel like , chocolate, cheese (I do drink the soy milk thou no milk) bread, I do take the acidophiles, I can sleep much better without waking up with tummy problems or spasm...I have no more constipation, I go out 2-4 times per day from the acidophiles pills...I was able to drink beer and red wine during my hliday without having problems...so my life is (I hope) back to normal or very close to normal.

I am so glad I found your website, as here all the doctors I saw (maybe around 12 including naturopaths) they told me I have IBS or I am depressed (if you would know me and here the doctors saying that I am depressed you will be shocked) and thank you for sharing your experience and the treatment you did. I am thinking writting them a letter and telling them how bad that parazite is because they all said the parazite shoudn't give me so much problems....and that is not the cause!!! I am very disappointed with the Canadian system it is worse than in my country Romania... anyway I hope you have a great day and thank you again for sharing your "secret" with other people!

Cheers, D.

T. from Brisbane, Australia contacted me in 2007, three years after the start of symptoms which included bloating after meals, watery diarrhoea, cramps and difficulty sleeping.

One (unfixed) sample found no evidence of infection. His GP suspected undiagnosed Giardia or cryptosporidium.

Shortly after finishing a course of Flagyl his symptoms returned: "I feel good after each treatment for a couple of days, then hey presto it's all back!".

Subsequent treatments with Flagyl had less and less effect as the parasite became resistant.

In Jan 2007 a Brisbane Hospital performed an endoscopy and colonoscopy but found no evidence of cancer, polyps or celiac disease "all of which is great news, but I'm still ill."

T. felt that his doctors had stopped taking his condition seriously because Flagyl, which is considered the gold standard treatment for bowel infections, had failed to relieve his symptoms, T.

Another three years passed before he found a dr who was more "open minded" about specialised parasite testing and would agree to arrange testing of 3 fixed samples. The second and third samples were positive for D.fragilis and B.hominis. "Unfortunately this dr was not familiar with treatments other than Flagyl".

T. urgently needed to regain his health because, as well as working full time he was also caring for his 80 year old mother. "Please let me know the treatment details because, like others on your site have stated, I am getting desperate. I hate to use the word "desperate" but, as you know, having this bug is very debilitating."

T's new doctor was happy to prescribe the treatment and T. felt better — for a few weeks. Follow up stool tests revealed that Blasto. had survived the treatment. After going on the clinic's secondary Blasto. treatment T. is finally symptom free:

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Subject: Re: Blasto. - GREAT NEWS!
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 18:55:49 +1000
From: Tony XX To: 'Jackie Delaney'

G’day Jackie:

Get ready for good – no wait, fantastic, news - my Blasto infection is GONE !!!! Yes, it’s gone !! I just saw my GP today and the report shows no B Hominis, no D Fragilis and no E Coli. Jackie I cannot thank you enough for all your help through my long period of illness. You may be interested to know that, overall, I was much less sick on the second-line drugs for resistant B. Hominis infection than I was mid last year on his first-line drugs for B Hominis infection. This may be because there was less Blasto in my stomach / intestines to kill or just because the second-line drugs were a different cocktail of antibiotics. I had been really dreading taking the second-line pills as the first-line pills had made me so nauseous and sick.

The second-line drugs made me weak but not really sick. Anyway, like so many of the people on your website I can report the following: great reduction in my stomach bloating, no more stabbing pains in my gut, much less wind, much less “brain fog”, and overall I feel absolutely the best I can remember – in years ! I have more strength and more motivation. I am still skinny as all get out but I remember you saying it took you a few months to regain weight, even after ridding yourself of intestinal parasites. My GP said to me today “just be patient” so patient I will be ! In summary, I feel GREAT ! Like Bill (on your email to me from 13 July 2007), I too wish that I had visited your website immediately after being diagnosed with B Hominis infection so that I would not have spent the last couple of years being prescribed Flagyl / Fasigyn by doctors (being my previous GP and my gastroenterologist) who quite obviously don't know much about the bug and the fact that it clearly is resistant to Flagyl and to Fasigyn.

Love, T. (Australia, Feb. 2007)

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Subject: RE: update
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 14:27:24 -0400
From: M A KXXX
To: Jackie Delaney

Hi again Jackie; Just giving you another update...I am so happy to report that the 3 follow up stool samples I submitted all came back negative for any parasites...obviously the combo worked! The gastro doctor says she doesn't need to see me again now that I'm feeling better...she was very impressed and will be keeping the info you provided to help others! Again, thank you so much for all of your information..I don't know what I would've done or where I would've been without it. You obviously know more than a lot of doctors out there and have taken a lot of time and effort to share your knowledge and understanding by creating your wonderful website. I am sure that there are many people out there that are grateful to you for helping regain their health and quality of life back (including me). My wish for you is that all of the caring and support that you have provided to others comes back to you tenfold!

Sincerely, MA

Steve, from Australia, was one of the first people my site helped with diagnosis and treatment.

"I very fortunately found this site and it proved the true starting point of my recovery."

"Before I got Blastocystis hominis and Dientamoeba fragilis, I had fortunately enjoyed great health; and I had done a substantial amount of third world travelling: Nepal, India, Cambodia ,Thailand and Vietnam to name a few. About a week into my 1996 trip to Indonesia I awoke feeling terrible: nauseous and exhausted. The worst of the symptoms lasted just a few days.

When I returned home I wasn’t feeling too bad and I wasn’t even sure that the illness from the beginning of the trip was to blame. So I did nothing about it, hoping rest and a familiar environment would cure it. For two years I did very little about it (except getting tested for food allergies) mainly because the symptoms ( lethargy, bloating, gas, head fog, occasional constipation and a great intolerance to the heat ) rarely got unbearable. Finally, after a bad stretch, I decided to see my GP. He examined me thoroughly, found nothing physically wrong and suggested I may just have a virus and suggested rest.

(On the subject of doctors although many people have had bad experiences with the medical profession - on the whole I’ve been very happy with treatment and understanding I’ve received ) Two months later I went back again and saw (by chance) a different doctor and mentioned, that on top of my more general symptoms, I was burping a bit. He suggested that it might be Giardia (this is when the Indonesia link first came back into play) and prescribed the standard treatment: Flagyl.

I took the treatment and immediately felt much better (‘normal’). But frustratingly the symptoms came back within days of finishing the treatment. I took the treatment three times (as did my wife who might have been cross infecting me) but the symptoms always came back.

Around this time I moved to a different town for six months. I went to see the local doctor who after hearing my story, suggested a stool test. The test results showed that I was clear of Giardia, but that I had both B.hominis and D.fragilis. She explained to me (after speaking to an infectious disease specialist) that the jury was out as to whether these bugs were pathogenic, but since I was symptomatic, it was worth trying to treat them. She initially prescribed a longer, stronger course of Metronidazole with the same result; temporary relief. Then she prescribed Doxycycline. Again I felt better for a while but the symptoms came back, but this time possibly not quite as badly (it’s very hard to measure these ‘general’ symptoms - especially in retrospect). But since the course of Doxycycline I’ve never tested positive for D.fragilis again.

All through these treatment failures (none of which are particularly pleasant) I was getting more and more frustrated and resigned to the fact that I would probably just have to put up with it.Six months later I went to see my original GP (for an unrelated matter) and he asked me how my stomach was? I told him that I still had problems and he recommended a specialist; who suggested an endoscopy and colonoscopy. They showed nothing physically wrong (perversely disappointing) but added that the biopsy results might show more.

While waiting I decided to follow up some information (I’d recently heard of) linking Giardia and lactose intolerance. Searching the Internet I came across a site that said that B.hominis may also cause lactose intolerance (but that the link was inconclusive).

Significantly it was the first time I’d seen B.hominis actually written down and promptly (not really expecting much) decided to do an Internet search. I very fortunately found this site and it proved the true starting point of my recovery. I printed out some of the information and took it into see my specialist - not sure whether to show him or not.

My specialist also had some interesting news. One of the tissue samples showed some sort of infection, caused by: allergy, parasites or unknown. The mention of parasites was very (again perversely) satisfying. I produced my printout and asked if he would read it and advise me about the treatment suggested.

The result was fifteen months of excellent health, that is until September 2003 when I started to feel unwell again. I did a test and sure enough B.hominis had returned. I’m trying to work out why, which is frustrating, but at least I now know what I’m dealing with and how to get rid of it.

A final word: if this reads as a logical narrative with an inevitable conclusion it certainly didn’t feel like it at the time. There was doubt, confusion and frustration every step of the way. And I will be forever grateful to Jackie Delaney for setting up this site (doing so many of the hard yards) and setting me free from the curse of B.Hominis.
Steve McGlaughlin - November 2003


Poppy's experience:

I have been suffering from a whole host of seemingly disparate symptoms for the past eight years, ever since I first travelled to India and had a bout of giardia followed by amoebic dysentery. On my return, I developed an intolerance to many foods, and spent the ext few years trying in vain to get to the root of the problem.

I have spent literally thousands on medical bills, naturopathic treatments, herbal upplements, nutritional advice, herbal remedies, exclusion diets, colonic irrigation, ayurvedic and chinese medicine consultations and allergy tests.

My symptoms were largely related to what appeared to be dysbiosis: bloating, poor digestion, alternating bouts of diarrhoea and constipation, depression, mood wings, vicious cravings for starches and sugars and an all-round feeling of lethargy and heaviness. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, candida-related complex, depression, leaky-gut syndrome and liver dysfunction. I stopped menstruating four years ago, and my libido completely disappeared. The gastrointestinal symptoms would come and go, but worsened over time. I found that the only relief gained from the symptoms was when I cut out reactive foods (the list became longer and longer as the years went by) or if I topped eating altogether. I became hooked on laxatives, and believe that my desperation to halt the ongoing problem was a key factor in my subsequent development of an eating disorder.

The symptoms persisted, to the point that I was compelled to come home in the middle of an overseas trip this year to sort it out. My stomach had allooned to the size of a pregnant woman's, I experienced nausea from time-to-time and I was incredibly low on energy. I was battling severe crying spells and depression, coupled with shocking indigestion. I realised I needed some comprehensive stool tests done, in order to ascertain once and for all what was causing my ill-health.

I contacted an excellent clinic in Melbourne who practise Integrative Medicine, and after a series of parasitology tests, was finally diagnosed with blastocystis hominis. Incredibly, despite all of the reactions I have had to everal foodstuffs over the years, all allergy tests came back negative.

My doctor advised me to try a herbal remedy to begin with, but after two weeks I was not getting any better, and this is when I found the BadBugs site. After contacting Jackie, she provided me with details of a course of non-herbal anti-parasitic drugs, as 80% of patients report success after treatment. My doctor organised this with me, and it is thanks to Jackie that the little critters are (fingers crossed) now well and truly gone.

The ten-day treatment was exhausting, but the results have been incredible. My bloating has disappeared entirely, my digestion is normalising, and I am able to tolerate small amounts of foods I previously couldn't touch. What is even more impressive is the complete eradication of all the mental fogginess, mood wings and general lethargy. I have so much more energy, and am so thrilled to be almost back to my usual self! I feel myself very lucky to have been in contact with both my doctor and Jackie.

A prominent Melbourne gastroenterologist I saw was incredulous that
Blastocystis was the cause of my problems, and simply rescribed me a course of anti-spasmodics. When I reported I was feeling so much better after treatment, he only replied 'hmmmm'. Many doctors evidently feel exactly the same way, which makes it tremendously difficult for people who know they are ill, but cannot find any answers or upport. I am still completely amazed at how rapidly I have returned to a state of health and happiness, and I have no doubt that the blastocystis was a major - if ot the only - cause of my ill-health for so long. The change in the way I feel has been so marked that it's almost too good to be true. Not agonising daily over unresolved health issues has freed up so much energy and time! Thanks a million, Jackie. And the best of luck and health to all those seeking answers to their health problems. (2009)

Sue's story: "I just want to encourage all fellow suffers out there, that this is a light at the end of the tunnel. It can be a rough road to recovery, but with the right meds, sensible recovery plan, patience and time it can be done!". Sue's Blasto. was cured with the CDD's earliest treatment - a 10 days course of Bactrim & Flagyl. More here